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Technical support & installation


Our specialists know the demands of your industry and understand what is needed. Already today we develop customized solutions especially tailored to your requirements. Our mission is to support you in ensuring maximum safety in the industrial environment and to observe and comply with the strict legal regulations.

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Technical support & installation - What we can do for you:

  • Technical safety consulting & requirements recording
    Industrial work- and health protection
    concerns all tooling machines that produce in the company. It is essential to comply with certain safety-related provisions and regulations in accordance with the Industrial Safety Regulation and the European Machinery Directive EN 2006/42/EC.

    >> Our experts are at your side with all questions of industrial work- and health protection in the operation of tooling machines, provide assistance, develop concrete measures and recommendations for action with regard to the safety-related complaints and support you in the final implementation.


  • Installation of machine safety guards on presses, drilling, turning, milling and grinding machines
    Mechanically and electrically, the installation of the safety guards on tooling machines must be done professionally by an electrician and mechanic or by a mechatronics technician in accordance with the current safety regulations, of course in compliance with the individual customer specifications.

    >> We will be pleased to take care of the installation of your safety guards on presses, drilling, turning, milling and grinding machines for you and help you to ensure compliance with the applicable requirements.


  • Support for test configurations - so that you don't buy a pig in a poke ...
    We provide our varied product portfolio as rental equipment for testing over a defined period of time - individually tailored to your requirements/conditions.

    >> We will be happy to advise you in detail about rental equipment and inform you about conditions and availability.

  • Do you have special requirements for the safety guard?
    If you require a special safety guard, e.g. in special dimensions, we of course offer you the possibility of a special design.