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KSI D150 Automatic Condensate Drain for Filter housings
KSI D150 Automatic condensate trap for filter housings with 1/2" connection, suitable for filter...
KSI Automatic Condensate Drain D120 Zander - Parker
Automatic condensate trap KSI D120 (for filter types up to 2009) & Zander (Parker)
KSI ECOCLEAN® DPN Differential Pressure Gauge
From €60.00*
KSI ECOCLEAN® differential pressure indicators for compressed air filters, flange filters or...
KSI ECOCLEAN® DPN-HP420 Differential Pressure Gauge High Pressure
KSI ECOCLEAN® DPN-HP420 Differential pressure indicator High pressure (up to 420 bar operating...
KSI ECOCLEAN® DDPPN Potential-Free Electric Differential Pressure gauge / transmitter
From €834.00*
KSI ECOCLEAN® DDPPN potential-free differential pressure indicator / transmitter for filter types...
KSI Moisture Indicator FI for Cartridge Types MSK
KSI Humidity indicator for cartridge types MSK
KSI D200 Automatic Condensate Drain for Filter housings external Connection
KSI D200 Automatic condensate trap for filter housings - external, suitable for filter types...
KSI HAM12 Manual Drain
KSI HAM12 Manual hand drain for filter types APF25 - FF200-009.
KSI KONDrain® HP Time Controlled and Level Controlled Condensate Drains High Pressure
From €397.00*
KSI KONDRAIN® HP timed/ Level-controlled high-pressure condensate trap.
KSI ECOCLEAN® KGH-HP Ball Valve - Needle Valve - High Pressure
From €19.00*
KSI ECOCLEAN® KGH-HP high pressure ball valve/needle valve in different versions, see Technical...
KSI D116 Automatic Condensate Drain
Automatic condensate trap KSI D116 3/8" (for KSI filter types up to 2009)
KSI ECOCLEAN® KONDrain® Level Controlled Condensate Drain
From €58.50*
KSI ECOCLEAN® KONDRAIN® N1 | N5 | N10 | N30 Level-controlled condensate trap, from N5 each with...
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