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Motor-Hand-rak with 0,5 PS Motor for 8 mm Spirals
Motor-Hand-rak with 0,5 HP motor for 8 mm spirals. Electric hand cleaning device suitable for...
Hook Spanner for rak Machine 16-32
From €26.85*
Hook spanner for rak machine rak-39, rak-40 and rak-41.
Safety Switch for rak-machine with 5 meter cable
Personal safety switch approved and suitable for all rak machines, with 5 meters cable. Detects...
Guide Tube 0.5 - 4.0 m for rak-39, rak-40 and rak-41
From €222.88*
Guide hose to protect the spirals in lengths of 0.5 - 4.0 m for rak-39, rak-40 and rak-41. The...
Hose Holder for rak-39, rak-40, rak-41
From €212.26*
Click lock / hose holder made of robust cast iron for rak-39, rak-40, rak-41 complete with catch,...
Hand-rak with crank drive
From €147.08*
Hand-rak with crank drive in a plastic case with air slot at the back. This guarantees drying of...
Telescopic Cleaning Shaft
Telescopic cleaning shaft type WC for two working lengths. The telescopic system allows doubling...
rak-39 Small Pipe Cleaning Device for Sanitary Work
The pipe cleaning machine rak-39 is ideal for universal use in case of pipe blockages in...
rak-40 All-Round Pipe Cleaning Machine for All Applications
The versatile pipe cleaning machine rak-40 i s suitable for universal use in building services,...
rak-41 Professional Pipe Cleaning Machine for Heavy and Industrial Cleaning Jobs
The professional pipe cleaning machine rak-41 is suitable for universal pipe cleaning in industry...
Vacuum Pump with Short and Long Sleeve In a Set
Manual cleaning device for small and medium sized pipe cleaning applications. Suitable for...

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