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Long And Short Packers

For partial pipe rehabilitation we offer short and long rehabilitation packers with quick-release couplings. In addition to basic packers in all common sizes, you will find very stretchy lateral packers as well as rehabilitation packers with a wheel set. We have also recently introduced a range of metal-ended packers to replace the previous rubber version. 

Especially for the repair of curved pipes, we recommend flexible adapters for use with a standard air push rod. Of course we also offer high quality bendy packers.

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Lateral Packers Up To 5 m Length, 70 - 250 mm
From €184.80*
Lateral packers are used to repair laterals (home pipelines). Our lateral packers are...
Lateral Packers With Round Metal Ends Usage Range 35 - 200 mm
From €364.10*
Sanikom Lateral Packers with round ends made of metal (Aluminium) , range from 35 to 200 mm,...
HD Lateral Packer DN 25-1000 mm
From €645.00*
Multidimensional lateral packer for straight pipes. Curved up to 45 degrees. Available in nominal...
Flex-Adapter For Packers And Air-Push-Rods
Flex-Adapter For Packers And Air-Push-Rods - Accessories for Sanikom sectional pipe rehabilitation.
Long Packers DN 200 - 800 No Wheels No Bypass
From €858.00*
Sanikom Long Packers without wheels and bypass . Nominal size from 200 to 800 mm , length from 1...
Short Packer 150 - 700 mm with Wheel Set
From €1,065.90*
Short Packer with Wheel Set , Rigid Central Core and Replaceable Sleeve, usage range 150 - 700 mm...
Replacement Cover for Sanikom Short Packers
From €639.10*
Replacement Cover for Sanikom Short Packers , usage range 150 - 700 mm. Accessory product,...
Packers for egg-shaped pipes with diameters from 250 to 900 mm, Sanikom sewer...
From €2,417.80*
Sanikom Pipe Rehabilitation Packers, suitable for pipes with an egg-shaped profile. Wide usage...

* All prices are quoted net of the statutory value-added tax and shipping costs and possibly delivery charges, if not otherwise described