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Partial Renovation / Short Liner

Partial rehabilitation using short liners is a proven method for repairing damaged areas in sewage pipes. In contrast to the comprehensive pipe liner procedure, partial rehabilitation methods only repair spatially limited damage.

In short liner rehabilitation, a special fleece is coated with resin and then pressed against the damaged area in the pipe from the inside like a large plaster. There, the fabric material dries and reliably seals the leak. An inflatable rehabilitation packer is used to position the wet fleece correctly. Since partial rehabilitation is equally suitable for small and large pipe diameters, rehabilitation packers are available in different dimensions and shapes. These include, for example, classic arch packers or specially shaped T-packers with wheel sets.  

Already spotted? Brand new to our range are high quality stainless steel rehabilitation sleeves, which are also ideal for partial section rehabilitation. As no chemicals are used, they are a clean and environmentally friendly alternative.


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GFK Laminate 1387 g/m² Roll Width 34 - 130 cm
From €195.00*
GRP laminate consisting of glass complex multipatch ECR Advantex fabric layer and tangled layer....
Lateral Packers Up To 5 m Length, 70 - 250 mm
From €184.80*
Lateral packers are used to repair laterals (home pipelines). Our lateral packers are...
Carbolith PL 3K-Harz Komplett-Set mit Komponente A, B und C
3K System im praktischen Set für die Kurzliner Sanierung, bestehend aus den Komponenten Harz (A),...
Lateral Packers With Round Metal Ends Usage Range 35 - 200 mm
From €364.10*
Sanikom Lateral Packers with round ends made of metal (Aluminium) , range from 35 to 200 mm,...
3P® Resin Turbo (W01) 1 unit: 30 liters = 39.5 kg, comp. A + B
SIKOTEC 3P®W01 1 unit: 30 liters = 39.5 kg 20 l resin W01 (comp. B) and 10 l Water glass, Betol...
Bendy Packers Up To 5 m Length, 50 - 170 mm
From €396.90*
Bendy packers or elbow packers are used for repair works in pipe bends of various lengths. Robust...
HD Lateral Packer DN 25-1000 mm
From €645.00*
Multidimensional lateral packer for straight pipes. Curved up to 45 degrees. Available in nominal...
3P® Resin Winter (W1) 1 unit: 30 liters = 40.5 kg, comp. A + B
SIKOTECH 3P®W1 1 unit: 30 litres = 40.5 kg 20 l resin W1 (comp. B) and 10 l Water glass, Betol 3P...
Push Bar blue with safety clutch for sewer rehabilitation
From €57.20*
Air push rod with safety clutch, available in lengths from 1.0 to 3.0 meters. Colour: blue...
Push Bar blue with Hexagonal Coupling for sewer rehabilitation
From €73.32*
Air push rod, blue, with hexagonal coupling for precise positioning of rehabilitation packers,...
Push Bar blue with quick-lock coupling, 5 mm internal thread for small pipes
From €54.60*
This blue air push rod with quick-lock coupling (internal thread of the coupling: 5 mm) is...
HD Arch Packer DN 40 - 230 mm
From €825.00*
HD arch packer for sewer rehabilitation in pipe bends. Multidimensional rehabilitation packer...
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