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Professional solutions for heating and lighting in industrial environments

In the field of building services, MOWOTAS offers sophisticated solutions for heat and lighting in workplaces and commercial buildings. These include modern, innovative infrared heaters as well as LED products and LED retrofitting in the company.

Whether you want to equip warehouses, offices or a hotel with modern building technology, we support you with our many years of industry-independent experience and our know-how. We are happy to advise you which solutions are the most efficient for you and support you from the planning to the replacement of your old system.

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Heat Radiator Elztrip EZ 300 with 3600-4500 W
From €957.14*
For trade and industry (ceiling height 4-15 meters.) The EZ300 infrared heater was developed for...
Heat Radiator Elztrip EZ 200 with 800-2200 W
From €410.92*
The Elztrip EZ 200 infrared heater has been designed for complete and additional heating in rooms...
Industrial Infrared Radiator IR 3000-6000 W
From €604.20*
IR infrared heaters are suitable for full or additional heating of rooms with large volumes and...
PowerSun Reflex Infrared Heater 200-1200 Watts
From €202.85*
The "PowerSun Reflex" infrared heater is one of the most powerful infrared radiators of the...
PowerSun Basic Infrared Heater 300 + 500 + 800 W
From €262.81*
For the PowerSun Basic model, three wattages are available: 300, 500 and 800 watts. Thanks to its...
Radio Receiver flush-mounted for Wireless Thermostats BPT010 or BPT710
Radio receiver flush-mounted Switches the connected heating system based on the received...
Radio Receiver Socket for Wireless Thermostats BPT010 or BPT710
Radio receiver socket Wireless receiver for operating electric heating systems - IN THE SOCKET -...
Term 2000 IP67 Waterproof Infrared Heater with 2000 Watt
Elegant radiant heater series with highest water protection class in slim design. The Term 2000...
PowerSun Hexagon Infrared Heater 500 W
Exceptional hexagonal heater with 500 watts output. The "PowerSun Hexagon" consists of a...
PowerSun Ceramic Infrared Heater 300 - 800 Watts
From €416.38*
The PowerSun ceramic infrared heater impresses with its high-quality appearance and highly...
Stand for Infrared Heaters
From €66.39*
With a stand your infrared heater can be converted into a mobile parking heater in just a few...
PowerSun Mirror Infrared Heater 210-1400 Watts
From €334.41*
Mirror and heating in one: With the "PowerSun Mirror" mirror heater, you always have a clear view...
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