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Here you will find original accessories and spare parts for our LED machine lights. We will be happy to advise you with regard to the matching accessories for your machine lamp.

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Articulated Arm Lamp Table Clamp (Spare Part)
Articulated arm lamp table clamp (spare part) - Accessories for articulated arm lamp LENSLED II...
Wieland GST18 Cable Socket / Earthing Contact Angled Plug, 3 - 5 m
From €12.40*
Wieland GST18 cable socket / earthing contact angled plug, 3 - 5 m
TUBELED_70 / INROLED_70 Lamp Holder, Aluminum, 1 Pair
TUBELED_70 / INROLED_70 lamp holder, aluminum, 1 pair
Wieland Extension Cable GST18 1.0 - 5.0 m
From €8.30*
Wieland extension cable GST18 1.0 - 5.0 m
TUBELED_40_Element Lamp Holder, V2A, Adjustable + / -110 °, 1 pair
TUBELED_40 II and 40 Element lamp holder, V2A, adjustable + / -110 °, 1 pair
TUBELED_40_Element Lamp Holder, V2A, Adjustable + / -180 °, 1 Pair
TUBELED_40 II and 40 Element lamp holder, V2A, adjustable + / -180 °, 1 pair
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NIK Led Security is the new family of Power Led lamps for high-quality lighting.
A large selection of models can meet the different needs in the workroom: The Led Security luminaires are ideal for machine tools, machines and systems, workbenches and various applications and are available with different power supplies and IP protection classes from IP20 to IP67.

Long life is guaranteed by strong and solid structures and all LEDs are mounted on aluminium to ensure optimum heat dissipation.
The energy saving is up to 85% compared to conventional lamps, the service life is over 40,000 hours and the low operating temperature is both cost-reducing and ecological.

We have developed ergonomic solutions for convenient and practical adjustment of luminous flux: Most models with arms are equipped with wing nuts and handle for a simple angle and rotation, while the tube versions are equipped with oscillating supports for precise alignment.
According to the current directives 2006/95 / EC, 2004/108 / EC and 2006/42 / EC, according to the applications specified in the standard UNI EN 1837.

* All prices are quoted net of the statutory value-added tax and shipping costs and possibly delivery charges, if not otherwise described