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Pipe Stoppers VAPO

The pipe stoppers and sealing cushions offered here are the right choice for repairs, maintenance, accidents or leak tests of newly laid or renovated pipelines. They can be used with water or air according to DIN EN 1610. Our VAPO pipe stopper type U are weather and temperature resistant and made of high quality rubber material with a fabric insert. The pipe stopper U is available in 12 standard versions with diameters from 40 mm to 1600 mm.

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Short Pipe Stoppers UK from 50 - 400 mm
From €72.00*
Ideal sealing cushion for use in confined spaces. Especially at inlets with short spigots or in...
Pipe Stopper U with Pipe Diameter 40 - 1600 mm
From €116.00*
Standard pipe sealing pad model U for fast and reliable sealing and shut-off of sewers, pipes and...
Cone Pipe Sealing Cushion UE 50 - 200 mm
From €169.00*
cone pipe sealing cushions for use in difficult situations, flexible use. The conical shape of...
High Pressure Sealing Cushion UU 12 Bar
From €358.00*
If there is high back pressure in the pipeline, the high-pressure pipe sealing pad UU is the...
Semicircular Sealing Pad UR for Inflation 50 - 200 mm
From €185.00*
The semicircular sealing pad model UR is particularly suitable for sealing connection pipes and...
Kurze Rohrdichtkissen ölbeständig OELU
From €114.00*
Ideales Rohrdichtkissen für den Einsatz bei beengten Platzverhältnissen . Insbesondere an...
High Pressure Sealing Cushion UU 6 Bar
From €220.00*
If there is high back pressure in the pipeline, the high-pressure sealing pad model UU is the...
Oval Profile Pipe Sealing Cushion UV/UVP
From €1,467.00*
The ideal pipe sealing pad for sealing and testing egg-shaped channels. The ovoid profile pipe...
Pillow-Shaped Sealing Pillows UP-PUP 1000 - 2200 mm
From €4,227.00*
Cushion-shaped sewer sealing cushions for use in sewers and rainwater channels. Due to the...
Conical Pipe Plugs ULK 150 - 2200 mm
From €750.00*
The conical pipe sealing pad model ULK offers a wide range of applications. Conical pipe plugs...
Protective Rubber for Pipe Stoppers Type U and PU-F
From €117.00*
Properties and further information on the various sealing pads and protective rubbers can be...
Rohrdichtkissen ölbeständig OELU
From €176.00*
Für eine schnelle und zuverlässige Abdichtung und Absperrung von Kanälen, Rohrleitungen und...

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