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Machine Safety Guards For Maximum Safety

In every industry, machine safety and safety guards for machines are important topics and are becoming more and more important because the protection of employees is the top priority. Machine tools must be equipped with a safety guard so that the operator of pressesdrilling, turning, milling or grinding machines cannot be injured by running chucks, rotating spindles or flying chips and liquids. This is prescribed by the Industrial Safety Regulation BetrSichV (DE), the Work Equipment Regulation AM-VO (AT) and other safety regulations and accident prevention regulations.

Workstations at machine tools, workbenches and packing tables must also be set up safely and ergonomically.
With our safety wood gratings, you ensure the highest level of work comfort made to measure.

Do you have special requirements for the safety guard?
If you require a special safety guard, e.g. in special dimensions, we of course offer you the possibility of a special design.
Upon request, we will also be happy to assist you with the installation of your machine safety guards

>> We will be happy to assist you with our experience and know-how and find the perfect solution for your individual application.

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MOWOTAS offers a wide range of safety guards (sizes & forms) for countless machine types. The safety guards can be easily retrofitted and fitted to almost any type of machine to ensure a safe working area and are supplied with safety switch(s) as required. Our safety guards comply with the valid safety regulations and the European Machinery Directive EN 2006/42/EC.

Our safety wood gratings are available in a variety of designs, colours and thicknesses with or without impregnation and conform to current standards (DIN 53 160, resistance requirements of DIN 68861/ 1B).

Do you need additional emergency-stop buttons, safety switches, spare parts or other accessories for your safety guard?
>> No problem, you will also find these articles in our online shop.

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