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Infrared Radiators

Powerful and reliable radiant heaters for indoor and outdoor use

Radiant heaters are designed for complete or additional heating, as well as protection against cold draughts. They are particularly suitable for rooms with large volumes and high ceilings, but can also be used outdoors, e.g. on sports stands or loading ramps. The spotlights have an excellent technology, which is very quiet and does not produce any air movements.

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Heat Radiator Elztrip EZ 300 with 3600-4500 W
From €957.14*
For trade and industry (ceiling height 4-15 meters.) The EZ300 infrared heater was developed for...
Heat Radiator Elztrip EZ 200 with 800-2200 W
From €410.92*
The Elztrip EZ 200 infrared heater has been designed for complete and additional heating in rooms...
Industrial Infrared Radiator IR 3000-6000 W
From €604.20*
IR infrared heaters are suitable for full or additional heating of rooms with large volumes and...
Term 2000 IP67 Waterproof Infrared Heater with 2000 Watt
Elegant radiant heater series with highest water protection class in slim design. The Term 2000...
Infrared Heater Relax Dark IP55 2200 W - 2400 W
The RELAX DARK is a powerful and reliable full immersion heater without light. The long-wave...
Smart Tower Dimmer 3000 W
Due to its mobility, the SMART TOWER radiant heater is suitable for a wide range of applications...
Relax Glass IRA IP 65 Glass Radiant Heater with 1.2 - 2.2 kW
From €755.46*
The glass radiant heater Relax Glass IRA IP65 is an innovative infrared radiant heater with short...
Step Switch S123
Manual switch for power stages (direct cabling) Power regulation in three stages: 0-1/3-2/3-3/3...
Stand for Infrared Radiant Heaters
Tripod for infrared radiant heater Term 2000 IP67. Extendable up to a height of 210 cm. Height:...
Heat Radiator Elztrip EZ 100 with 600-1500 W
From €268.07*
The infrared heater Elztrip EZ100 was designed for full and additional heating in rooms with a...

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