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Lathe Guards

MOWOTAS has a wide range of protective devices for lathes, which can be used both for new purchases and for retrofitting old or used machines. We offer you a large selection of protective devices for lathes, e.g. as lathe chuck protection, chuck protection hood or grinding belt holder.

In our >> lathe guards galleryyou can see a selection of turning machine guards that our customers have successfully installed or retrofitted.

Do you want to calculate the right size for your lathe chuck guard? Please see our >> measurement guide (pdf)

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Hinged Safety Guard TF for Lathe Chucks
From €333.00*
This lathe guard TF protects the lathe operator from contact with the rotating chuck. At the same...
Pair of Roll Blinders AR for Lathe Lead Screw, Closed Housing
From €635.00*
Robust cover for guide and feed spindles to protect against any sources of danger. Two-piece...
Hinged Safety Guard POL for Lathe Chucks
From €340.00*
With the POL safety guard you receive the same protection as with our model TF or model TFM full...
Sliding Safety Guard MAJOR for Turning Machines
From €1,023.00*
You receive a comprehensive protective device with our Major. It is suitable for all types of...
Chip Guard TC 4-5-6 Front Mounting On The Lathe
From €316.00*
TC series guards 4/5/6 provide a movable and tiltable protective cover for attachment to the...
Chip Guard TC 1-2-3 Rear Mounting On The Lathe
From €298.00*
TC series guards 1/2/3 provide a movable and tiltable protective cover for attachment to the...
Vertically Hinged Lathe Guard PT with Gas Spring
From €650.00*
The lathe guard PT gives you flexible protection for your safety and, thanks to the large viewing...
Lathe Chuck Guard - Safety Guard IE Chip Shield
From €346.00*
With the IE protection device, you receive spindle protection for the lathe made of a robust...
Hinged Safety Cover TFM for Clamping Jaw, Full Metal
From €480.00*
With the safety guard TFM you get the same protection as with our model TF , but with a...
Sliding Safety Guard MINOR for Turning Machines
From €930.00*
This guard slides on ball guides and can be mounted directly on the headstock of the lathe. The...
Face Plate Guard TP Tiltable for Medium Sized Chucks
From €754.00*
The TP model of our safety devices is ideally suited for lathes with medium-sized chucks or face...
Face Plate Guard LA Hinged To The Side; Large Chucks
From €633.00*
The lateral protective cover LA of our safety devices is made entirely of sheet steel. This...
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We want to support you in making your lathe safe!

Which lathes can protective devices be retrofitted?

Our protective devices can be fitted/retrofitted to many lathes from a wide variety of manufacturers:
Weiler | Weipert |  Jungenthal  | Dörries | Böhringer | Scharmann | Colchester | Martin | Voest Alpine u.v.a.

Do you need a special safety guard for your turning machine?
In addition to our standard range of safety guards, we certainly offer you the possibility of a >> special design.
(Special dimensions in relation to lengths/heights, individual requirements for construction, colour etc.)

Do you need help to assemble the device?
We can also assist with the installation of the guards if required. >> Please contact us for more information.

We will be happy to assist you.

* All prices are quoted net of the statutory value-added tax and shipping costs and possibly delivery charges, if not otherwise described