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LED Signal Lights & Hybrid Lights

In addition to white light illumination, LED signal lights and hybrid lights also ensure safer and more efficient processes by switching to a colored light. Integrated into the PLC control system of the machine or system, they communicate standstill or malfunction (red) and normal operation (green), among other things, through this optical color display. With their RGB LEDs, the signal lamps thus realize a simple form of intelligent light - ideal for retrofitting machines or for series production plants. Our LED signal lamps offer a wide range of options for signaling machine and system statuses. In addition, depending on the luminaire, efficient, daylight white SMD LEDs.

Fields of application: Machines, production plants & assembly lines

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TUBELED_40 II_RGB-W LED Light with Signal Function 280 - 1540 mm, 100 °, 24V DC
From €174.40*
TUBELED_40 II RGB-W - LED machine light with signal function . Contains white LED chips for...
TUBELED_40 II Integrated_RGB-W Recessed Luminaire with Color Change, Standard...
From €313.20*
TUBELED_40 II Integrated RGB-W - LED recessed luminaire with signal function. Flat recessed...
INROLED_50_RGB-W_Ecolab LED Tube Luminaire with Signal Function, 50 mm Ø, 305 - 1065...
From €215.70*
The INROLED_50 ECOLAB RGB-W LED signal light with Ecolab coating is a bright, homogeneous tube...
SIGNALED II_RGB LED Signal Luminaire 180 - 1520 mm, 120 °, 24V DC
From €74.80*
SIGNALLED II RGB - Slim LED signal light with uniformly colored light over the entire illuminated...
UNILED_SL_RGB-W LED System Light with Signal Function 295 - 1545 mm, 100 °, 24V DC
From €175.60*
The LED system light UNILED SL RGB-W with signal function is a powerful system light which, in...

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