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KSI ECOCLEAN® APF - The highest quality standards with the most economical operation

Moisture, residual oil and particles: The performance of a compressed air system and the service life of its downstream components depend largely on the compressed air filtration.

KSI ECOCLEAN® compressed air filters of the APF series (Advanced Premium Filtration) meet the highest quality requirements and are extremely economical to operate, purchase and maintain. The housing is made of die-cast aluminum, protected inside and outside with a cathodic dip coating (KTL) and powder-coated outside.

Filter technology of the KSI ECOCLEAN® series protects through high-performance filtration e.g. pneumatic production systems, machines, tools, measuring devices or products from contamination.

The compressed air classes according to ISO 8573-1:2010


Overview of products for compressed air treatment

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Achieved compressed air quality with ECOCLEAN® Filter elements according to ISO 8573.1*

Source: KSI Filtertechnik GmbH

Source: KSI Filtertechnik GmbH

What you should also know

Minimize pressure loss thanks to high-density deep-bed pleating

Up to 55% less differential pressure, a significantly reduced energy requirement and thus significantly reduced energy costs - these outstanding properties of the KSI ECOCLEAN® APF series are made possible by the high-density deep-bed pleating. Innovative pleating machines, tighter pleating and the new filter medium, in conjunction with the new filter housing, ensure that the flow rate within the filtration medium drops, making the APF series the market leader in terms of effectiveness and minimal pressure loss.

Compressed air filtration with KSI APF filters therefore pays off continuously through savings over the entire service life.

Filter elements for every requirement

The heart of a compressed air filter is its filter insert (element), which must be matched to the respective requirement, depending on whether condensate, solid particles, oil and oil vapor, odors or other substances are to be safely removed from the compressed air system.

How often do filter elements have to be changed in compressed air filters? 

Depending on the compressor model and oil, the filters in the entire compressed air line system should be changed every 4000 and 6000 operating hours of the compressor. Optimally, this is checked during the oil change of the compressor for the entire system or the filters are changed then.

Even with oil-free compressors, the fine filters must be changed at regular intervals, which are installed in the company-wide compressed air circuit.