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House Connection Pipe Testing System DS 10 - 20

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House connection pipe testing system for leak tests of house connections of 80150 mm nominal... more
Product information "House Connection Pipe Testing System DS 10 - 20"

House connection pipe testing system for leak tests of house connections of 80150 mm nominal diameter with air. (Test bladder for air and water optional at extra charge). The set is suitable for testing straight pipe sections as well as bends and knee pipes up to 90°. It optionally contains a digital manometer as well as all fittings and accessories required for leak tests according to DIN EN 1610.


The ISO 9001 certified set contains the following individual parts:

1 pcs.Test pipe sealing pad HPU 10/20

1 pcs. Pipe sealing pad HU 10/20

1 pcs. Filling armature with pressure gauge 04 bar

1 pcs. Compressed air adapter for air testing

1 pcs. Stopcock G1" with GEKA couplings

1 pcs. float

1 pcs. safety fitting 300 mbar for air testing

pushing bar 4 pcs. 2 m, 1 pc. 1 m, 2 pcs. 0,5 m

1 pcs. Adapter for digital manometer

1 pcs. Venting and test hose with GEKA couplings, 5 m

1 pcs. Holding rope with snap hook, 10 m

1 pcs. Reduction MINI/V 7.2/R

1 pcs. Reduction MINI/R 7.2/V

1 Transport case

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