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Flexible Pipe Sealing Pads PU-F 70 - 1600 mm

  • 79-1-034

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The lightweight and flexible sealing pad design of type PU-F without metal core applicable at... more
Product information Flexible Pipe Sealing Pads PU-F 70 - 1600 mm

The lightweight and flexible sealing pad design of type PU-F without metal core applicable at 2.5 bar operating pressure up to 1,000 mm is suitable for fast and reliable sealing. Can also be used to shut off sewers, pipelines and drainage inlets. These test pipe stoppers are mainly used for repairs, maintenance, accidents and leak tests with water or air according to DIN EN 1610 of newly laid or renovated pipelines. Ideal aid for water management organizations, rescuers and fire departments, but also in the construction industry and industry.

The flexible test bladder PU-F is made of high-quality rubber material with fabric insert and is therefore weather- and temperature-resistant in a temperature range from -30 oC to 80 oC as well as use- and waste water-resistant. The product is available in 11 standard versions with diameters ranging from 70 mm to 1600 mm. These test bubbles are tested at 1.3 times the operating pressure and can be used at a back pressure of 10 or 5 m WS. An operating manual is enclosed with each sealing pad.

Our pipe cushions & shut-off plugs are made of expandable material and can be filled with liquid or air. (Classification in category A - pipe sealing pillows and renovation packers of the resistance list; see picture)

Artikel   PU 7/15 F Rohrdurchmesser mm 70-150... mehr



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