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Test Pipe Sealing Pad PU for Pipe Diameters 70 - 1200 mm
From €411.00*
The rigid standard test pipe sealing pad PU with metal core ensures fast and reliable sealing....
Flexible Pipe Sealing Pads PU-F 70 - 1600 mm
From €385.00*
The lightweight and flexible sealing pad design of type PU-F without metal core applicable at 2.5...
Short Through-Hole Pipe Stoppers UK
From €184.00*
Continuous pipe sealing pads for use in confined spaces. Especially at inlets with short spigots...
Passage Cushions PU-G with Bypass for High Flow Rates
From €355.00*
This passageway cushion model PU-G with bypass has a large stainless steel passageway. It is...
Egg Profile Sealing Pillow PUV PUVP
From €1,584.00*
The suitable sealing pad for sealing and testing larger diameters of egg-shaped channels. The...
Cone Pipe Sealing Cushion PUE 50 - 200 mm
From €221.00*
Test sealing pad in cone shape, therefore flexible in use. The conical shape of these pipe...
Manhole Test Sealing Pad US 600 - 1500 mm
From €1,531.00*
Sealing cushion for manhole testing applicable with air pressure and vacuum. Easy handling due to...
Conical Pipe Stoppers PULK 150 -2200 mm
From €871.00*
The conical pipe sealing pad model PULK with bypass offers a wide range of applications. Conical...
Protective Rubber for Pipe Stoppers Type U and PU-F
From €117.00*
Properties and further information on the various sealing pads and protective rubbers can be...
House Connection Pipe Testing System DS 8 - 15
From €1,437.00*
House connection pipe testing system for leak tests of house connections of 80150 mm nominal...
House Connection Pipe Testing System DS 10 - 20
House connection pipe testing system for leak tests of house connections of 80150 mm nominal...
Manhole Test Plugs with Bypass 600 - 850 mm
From €1,104.60*
Manhole test plugs are short test plugs used for testing manholes.They have a bypass system and...
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