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We offer a wide range of pipe plugs and pipe stoppers in various versions and sizes.

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Pipe Sealing Cushion U with Pipe Diameter 40 - 1600 mm
From €116.00*
Standard pipe sealing pad model U for fast and reliable sealing and shut-off of sewers, pipes and...
Short Pipe Stoppers UK from 50 - 400 mm
From €72.00*
Ideal sealing cushion for use in confined spaces. Especially at inlets with short spigots or in...
High Pressure Sealing Cushion UU 6 Bar
From €220.00*
If there is high back pressure in the pipeline, the high-pressure sealing pad model UU is the...
High Pressure Sealing Cushion UU 12 Bar
From €358.00*
If there is high back pressure in the pipeline, the high-pressure pipe sealing pad UU is the...
Oval Profile Pipe Sealing Cushion UV/UVP
From €1,467.00*
The ideal pipe sealing pad for sealing and testing egg-shaped channels. The ovoid profile pipe...
Pillow-Shaped Sealing Pillows UP-PUP 1000 - 2200 mm
From €4,227.00*
Cushion-shaped sewer sealing cushions for use in sewers and rainwater channels. Due to the...
Cone Pipe Sealing Cushion UE 50 - 200 mm
From €169.00*
cone pipe sealing cushions for use in difficult situations, flexible use. The conical shape of...
Semicircular Sealing Pad UR for Inflation 50 - 200 mm
From €185.00*
The semicircular sealing pad model UR is particularly suitable for sealing connection pipes and...
Conical Pipe Plugs ULK 150 - 2200 mm
From €750.00*
The conical pipe sealing pad model ULK offers a wide range of applications. Conical pipe plugs...
Protective Rubber for Pipe Stoppers Type U and PU-F
From €117.00*
Properties and further information on the various sealing pads and protective rubbers can be...
Mechanical Pipe Plug and Pipe Test Plug with Bypass DN 16 - 90
From €28.80*
Pipe stoppers based on nitrile rubber ( water and oil resistant), with bypass. With metal parts...
High Pressure Pipe Stopper based On NBR-Rubber, up to 12 bar, DN 85 - 255
From €70.72*
High-pressure pipe closure , based on nitrile rubber (water and oil resistant). With metal parts...
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* All prices are quoted net of the statutory value-added tax and shipping costs and possibly delivery charges, if not otherwise described