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Pneumatic Tools

Professional pneumatic tools are characterized by a precise way of working. They have low tolerances and are ideal for industrial use.

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Reverse Drill Pistol Prevost TAD P382000 3/8" Chuck Diameter 10 mm with 1000-2000 rpm
The TAD P382000 reverse drill pistol from Prevost with up to 2,000 rpm is a lightweight turret...
Reverse Drill Pistol Prevost TAD P380800 1/2" Chuck Diameter 13 mm with 450-800 rpm
The TAD P380800 reverse drill pistol from Prevost is a turret drill, which is particularly...
Straight Air Drill Prevost TAD S382500 3/8" Drill Chuck 10 mm with 2.500 rpm
Prevost's TAD S382500 straight drilling machine is particularly suitable for drilling in the...
Pneumatic Brushing Machine in Case Prevost TMB 3500K R 1/4" 10 mm
The TMB 3500K pneumatic brushing machine from Prevost in a high-quality complete brush sander set...
Abrasive Brush Prevost TMB KITB Accessories for Brushing machine TMB 3500
Grinding brush TMB KITB from Prevost. Suitable as an accessory to air brushing machine TMB 3500....
Cleaning Tool with Eraser Prevost TDG P04000
Lightweight foil eraser Prevost TDG P04000. Effective cleaning tool for cleaning soiled surfaces...
Grease Gun Prevost TCG GR400
Pneumatic lubricating gun with rigid tube Prevost TCG GR400 for lubricating mechanical joints,...
Punching and Flanging Tool Prevost TPF5
Prevost TPF5 punching and finishing tool for maximum sheet thickness 1.6 mm. Special tool for car...
Windshield Cutter Prevost TWK 20000
Pneumatically operated windscreen cutter / glazing tool Prevost TWK 20000 Robust composite tool,...
Teethed Straight Cutter - Accessories for Windshield Cutter Prevost TWK 20000
From €14.02*
Teethed straight cutter - windshield cutting knives Accessories for Prevost TWK 20000, can be...
Clean Brush Prevost TMB KITC Accessories for Brushing Machine TMB 3500
Cleaning grinding brush TMB KITC from Prevost. Suitable as accessory for air brushing machine TMB...
Box of 3 Sockets for 1/2" Square Impact Wrenches Prevost TIW 3S12
Accessory set Prevost TIW 3S12 consisting of 3 sockets for impact wrenches with square spindle...
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