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LED Machine Lights

Our LED machine lights feature robust aluminum housings, safety glass glare shields and Viton® gaskets for a high degree of protection. Designed for the most demanding and adverse operating conditions, they are shock and vibration resistant. Extreme temperatures, oil, water, hot chips, cooling lubricants and emulsions do not affect the service life or luminosity. We offer state-of-the-art recessed luminaires, surface-mounted luminaires and system luminaires, electrically interlinkable and suitable for even the tightest installation situations.


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CLIK LED Machine Light 12W 24V
From €239.00*
The powerful LED machine lamps of the Clik series provide bright, flicker-free light directly at...
CLIK COB Machine Light 240V 20W
From €290.00*
The powerful LED machine lamp of the Clik Cob series is the new 20W version of the successful...
LEDY-N LED Machine Light 24V
From €174.00*
The NIK LEDY N LED machine light is the first choice for optimal lighting. You can choose between...
Maga Long LED Machine Light 240V with Magnifier
With the Maga Long LED machine luminaire from NIK, you have plenty of room to adjust the light...
Mini S LED Machine Light
From €91.00*
The flexible LED machine lamps of Nik's Mini S series with economical 1W LED are flexible and...
Mini-F LED Machine Light
From €118.00*
Nik's Mini F series LED machine lamps with economical 3 x 1W LEDs are flexible, easy to adjust...
Mini Z Zoom LED Machine Light
The LED machine lamps of the Mini Z series from Nik with integrated zoom function.These machine...
PIK LED Machine Light
From €258.00*
A strong luminous flux of 540 lumens at 3W output makes these LED machine lamps of the PIK series...
WIDE-F Machine Lamp 24V
From €182.00*
With the NIK Wide Flat machine lights, you can achieve the optimum illumination of your workplace...
Illi LED Machine Light 3W
From €259.00*
The flexible LED machine lamps of the Illi series from Nik with economical 3 x 1W LED are...
WIDE SPOT Machine Light 24 V
This maintenance-free LED machine light of the brand NIK Wide Spot provides optimal lighting and...
WIDE T LED Machine Light
This machine lamp with a light angle of 120° ensures fatigue-free working and was specially...
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