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Heat Radiator Elztrip EZ 300 with 3600-4500 W

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For trade and industry (ceiling height 4-15 meters.)   The EZ300 infrared heater was... more
Product information "Heat Radiator Elztrip EZ 300 with 3600-4500 W"

For trade and industry (ceiling height 4-15 meters.)


The EZ300 infrared heater was developed for complete and additional heating in industrial environments such as warehouses, workshops etc. with a ceiling height of 4 - 15 meters. Elztrip EZ300 is a radiant heater with three heating panels with a discreet, robust design that fits in well with electrical installations.


The "EZ-300" infrared heater has been specially developed for the heating of larger rooms, such as Warehouses and commercial buildings, shopping centers, churches, etc. It is an infrared dark radiator without visible light, which means that even large halls no longer need to be completely heated. Individual work areas can be heated with heat radiators, which can help to save a lot of energy. Also in connection with photovoltaics, infrared heat radiators ensure optimum heating of the hall and workplace.


The surface of the device consists of a special, coated aluminum surface, which radiates the infrared heat very effectively. Elztrip infrared heaters must be permanently installed and touch-proof. The surface temperature reaches about 300 degrees. Maintenance-free with approx. 20 - 30 years lifetime.


Mounting location: indoors

Dimension (mm) Protection class Power Voltage Weight 1670x63x420... mehr
Dimension (mm) Protection class Power Voltage Weight
1670x63x420 IP44 3600 Watt 400 V3~ 19,8 kg
2030x63x420 IP44 4500 Watt 400 V3~ 24,2 kg
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