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Industrial Infrared Radiator IR 3000-6000 W

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IR infrared heaters are suitable for full or additional heating of rooms with large volumes and... more
Product information "Industrial Infrared Radiator IR 3000-6000 W"

IR infrared heaters are suitable for full or additional heating of rooms with large volumes and high ceilings. The radiant heaters can also be used outdoors, e.g. on sports stands or loading ramps to keep them dry and frost-free. The IR infrared radiator emits the heat at the place of residence. Various comfort zones can be set up by spot and surface heating.


The IR has a robust industrial design with no moving parts, making it extremely quiet and causing no air movement. This achieves a hygienic indoor climate by reducing the distribution of dust, bacteria and odors.

Savings of up to 25% with radiant heaters

Our industrial infrared IR Heaters are easy and flexible to install and require very little maintenance. They give off heat immediately without preheating. Radiant heaters provide savings of up to 25% compared to convectors, especially in buildings with high ceilings that are not permanently in use.


Product features:

  • 3000-6000 W depending on the model
  • Reflectors in glossy, anodized aluminum for optimum heat distribution
  • Five different inclinations can be set with the mounting brackets
  • A terminal block allows the serial installation of several radiant heaters or the connection of a controller
  • A protective grid is available as an accessory
  • Stainless steel housing made of grey, aluminum-zinc-coated steel panels
  • Models
    • IR3000 (1/2/3 kW); 1125x83x358 mm; 9 kg
    • IR4500 (1,5/3/4,5 kW); 1500x83x358 mm; 11,1 kg
    • IR 6000 (2/4/6 kW); 1875x83x358 mm; 13,2 kg

The manual switch for power levels S123 is recommended.

Mounting location: indoor, outdoor

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