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Industrial Safety & Health Protection

MOWOTAS puts safety first.

Employees are a company's most important asset. Products by MOWOTAS give you options for preventive measures in the enterprise to improve health and safety at work on your premises. Viewed in the long term, measures which protect the health of employees contribute towards avoiding accidents, reducing absenteeism and improving your employee's general state of health.

Ergonomics, occupational safety and protection against infections are important topics of health care for industrial and production employees. MOWOTAS has set itself the goal of providing solutions for these areas. In our product range, you will find floor mats for workplaces where people need to stand for long periods of time during work, as well as trafficable floor marking tapes for cordoning off and marking specific areas on the factory floor. Health protection for employees is something we cannot afford to ignore. Infections and viruses spread in a company within a very short time. In this area, MOWOTAS' product portfolio includes mobile hygiene partition walls, distancing mats and protective masks.

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Mobile Hygiene Protection
Mobile hygiene protection with two stable feet Simply set up the protective wall between...
Mobile Hygiene Protection With Logo Print
Mobile hygiene protection with two stable feet and logo print Simply set up the protective wall...
PVC Marking Tape EXTRA
From €127.05*
The self-adhesive EXTRA floor marking tape by MOWOTAS has extra adhesive power for rough floors...
Disposable Protective Masks, 50-Pack
Comfort and safety are paramount for respiratory masks. MOWOTAS protective masks cover the nose...
Face Shield with Plastic Disc Against Droplet Infection, 12-Pack
Face protection with polycarbonate lens and light weight. Our protection products focus on...
Washable Cotton Protective Masks, 10-Pack
Respiratory protection mask made of pure cotton, two layers. The mask can be attached to the head...
Anti-Fog Spray, 10 Pack
The anti-fog spray "Safe Clear" protects glasses and visors against fogging for a long time. The...
System Partition Wall for Workstations Total 890 x 1900 mm
System partition wall for workstations 890 x 1300 mm wide x high, also for COVID 19. total height...
System Partition Wall for Workstations 1190 x 1300 mm
System partition wall for workstations 1190 x 1300 mm wide x high, also for COVID 19. total...
Double System Partition Wall for Workstations for Two-Sided Fencing, 1190 x 1300 mm
Double system partition wall for workstations for 2-sided fencing, 1190 x 1300 mm wide x high,...
Free-Standing Partition Wall for Workstations 1200 x 1400 mm
Freestanding partition wall for workstations made of polycarbonate, 4 mm thick, dimensions 1200 x...
Double Floor Mounting Plate for System Partition
Double floor mounting plate for system partition. For double-sided separation of workstations...
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