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Oil-Free Compressors

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Fini Compressor shuttle OL230 Oil Free 1,5 kW
This oil-free, mobile piston compressor is ideal for special applications. This handy assembly...
Fini Compressor Ciao 6/1850 Oil Free 1,1 kW
This portable and mobile piston compressor for special applications is basically suitable for...
Fini Compressor Flash 12 V Oil Free 0,6 kW
Mobile, oil-free compressor ideal for compressed air on the road, e.g. in emergencies, camping or...
Fini Compressor soundproofed YAGO 1850 oil-free 11 kW
This compressor is soundproofed and oil-free. This entry-level model is lightweight and fully...
Scrolli oil-free compressor
From €7,256.00*
Oil-free scroll compressor in different sizes with intelligent multilevel software and...
Green Drain Condensate Trap Electronically Level Controlled
From €150.00*
Electronically level-controlled condensate separator with level sensor in an integrated memory....
OP1 Oil-free Piston Compressor
Oilfree Tolpec Piston compressors are robust and built to last. The compressors offer quality...

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